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A Better Way to Train

What will it look like when you and your dog truly understand each other? Maybe you'll enjoy better walks, a streamlined daily routine, or a calmer household. Maybe your friends will be able to visit without getting jumped on or barked at. Or maybe you'll just enjoy sharing your life with your best friend.

What does it look like to work with a trainer who truly understands you and your dog? It means a program tailored to your needs and abilities. Useful life skills instead of old-fashioned obedience commands. And fun, motivational exercises instead of fear, intimidation, or difficult-to-learn techniques.

We believe that healthy relationships are the foundation from which good communication, calm behavior, and cooperation grow.

Learn How To

Get your dog's attention and cooperation

Safely and responsibly give your dog real freedom off-leash

Read your dog's emotions and understand how they affect their behavior

Recognize subtle signs that your dog is stressed, afraid or uncomfortable

Prevent problems instead of punishing them after the damage is done

Get the Tools to Stop

Mouthing, potty accidents, and other puppy problems

Short attention spans and inconsistent behavior

Running away and not coming when called

Stressful walks full of pulling and barking

Jumping, unruly behavior, and hyperactivity

And other unwanted behaviors

Kim's Story

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Kim Roche


Kim Roche has over two decades of experience working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments. Nationally recognized, internationally certified and locally grown, she brings deep behavioral knowledge, expert training skills, and creativity to her work with people and their dogs.

She believes that positive reinforcement is the most natural and effective way to teach dogs and the easiest technique for her human students to learn and build into their daily routine.

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