Two people sit with their Portuguese Water Dog

Judith, Bob and Charlie Parker

Every once in a while, if you’re lucky, you meet someone who embodies all of the most important qualities that one hopes to find in a skilled professional. Kim Roche is a warm, caring, and deeply insightful person. She’s an astute observer who thinks carefully about how best to approach the goal of nurturing positive interactions between humans and dogs, and I’m sure she’s taught Judith and me as much as she’s taught Charlie. I know of few people who understand and can apply behavioral principles of positive behavior change as deftly as she. But what makes Kim so effective is her obvious affection for the people and dogs with whom she works. She is a gem who continues to enrich our lives.

A smiling family poses with their rescue dog

The Patel Family (and Brazil and Leo)

Kim has helped us train our dogs for several years now. Kim is so kind and treats our dogs like family. Both of our dogs are rescues that have issues with anxiety. Kim has helped them to become more and more comfortable with their surroundings. Kim was also instrumental when we decided to grow our dog family and adopt our second pup. Kim has always been helpful, kind, and loving with our dogs. Over the years she has provided solid training, advice, and encouragement while helping nurture our dogs. I would highly recommend Kim to other pet owners to help with their pets’ needs.

A smiling couple poses with their Boston Terrier

Molly and Bridget (and The Bostons)

When we brought Olive home at 8 weeks we didn’t know if we would be able to keep her. She had some aggressive behaviors and we couldn’t figure out what was going on. Kim was able to start work with her immediately and help us find ways to communicate with her. Kim also helped us understand that she had different needs than our other dogs.

After working with Kim, Olive is a completely different dog. She can relax and is more confident. Now we have the skills now to work with her and manage her behavior. We often say out loud to each other, ”Kim really saved our dog."

A happy Border collie relaxing

Sarah and Kevin (and Lady)

Kim's training has helped Lady be come the best dog she can be. Over the years we've used Kim's strategies for separation anxiety, leash reactivity and learning new skills and behaviors, all to great success. Kim is thoughtful and gentle with dogs and people alike, and her scientifically based approach, grounded in positive reinforcement, has helped us find balance and joy in our life with an anxious (but sweet!) dog.

Mike and Diane (and Fibi)

Coming Soon

As a first time dog owner, we joined Kim’s puppy class. We learned quickly how to teach our puppy manners with Kim’s gentle guidance. After the class ended, we continued to work with Kim one-on-one to provide our very confident puppy an understanding of the rules. Kim is kind and a joy to learn from. She changed our lives.
Katherine and Bones

With three kids, we thought we knew what we were doing when we brought home a new puppy. We were wrong. Kim helped us understand how to make our household a place our miniature schnauzer, Schneffles, could thrive and feel calm and loved. Kim's wisdom has changed everything for our family and we are so grateful.

Amanda and Schneffles

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