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We're not just expert dog trainers - we're expert people trainers. We specialize in giving dogs and people the practical skills they can use in real-world situations.

We can help if you're frustrated by

Puppy biting and house training

Jumping, unruly behavior, and hyperactivity

Not listening to anything you say

Stressful walks full of pulling and barking

Aggression towards strangers, family member, or you

Barking at or fighting other dogs

Keeping the peace between your kids and your puppy

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Kim Roche


Kim Roche has over two decades of experience working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments. Nationally recognized, internationally certified and locally grown, she brings deep behavioral knowledge, expert training skills, and creativity to her work with people and their dogs.

She believes that positive reinforcement is the most natural and effective way to teach dogs and the easiest technique for her human students to learn and build into their daily routine.

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