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Dog Training Services in Austin, Texas

Sam and his well-trained dog Hobbit share a plate of spaghetti

Giving dog owners the skills, knowledge, and peace of mind to have happy, well-behaved dogs is our top priority at Kim the Dog Trainer. Our positive reinforcement techniques will help you and your dog understand each other and develop the strong bond you've always dreamed of.

Whether you are looking for basic obedience training or more advanced behavior modification, we offer customizable individual and group training programs to fit your needs.

We can help you to:

Enjoy Your Dog More

  • Stress-free walks

  • Off-leash adventures

  • Polite greetings

  • Calm behavior at home, in the office, and in public

  • Happy visits to the vet or groomer

  • Safe behavior around other dogs and people

Worry About Your Dog Less

  • Barking and lunging on leash

  • Jumping on guests

  • Destructive behavior

  • Hyperactivity

  • Dog aggression

  • Human aggression

  • Separation anxiety

Training Options

Behavior Consultation

During this session, we'll conduct a behavioral evaluation, talk about your goals, and outline a behavior modification plan that will get you where you want to go

Private Lessons

We'll work with you 1-on-1 to teach your dog new skills and show you how to get the same results. Between lessons, you'll receive the support you need to maintain and continue your dog's progress

Day Training and Board and Train

Busy schedule? Need some help with homework? Between lessons, we'll visit your dog for a training session while you're at work or invite them to stay at our house to live like a trainer's dog

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